PikaShow Features | Best latest Incomparable features released

PikaShow is one of the most popular apps for online streaming. It has plenty of things to offer with entertainment for its users. PikaShow app has spread throughout the world in a short period of time owing to its incomparable features.

pikashow features

PikaShow Features

Simple User Interface

PikaShow APK user interface is easy and simple. It can be quickly understood and learnt by any individual. The app interface is made up of colorful buttons which you can easily understand. Also, there are guidelines for the new users on the app screen itself. You can follow them and learn how to operate each function. Because of this feature, streamers of all the age categories and education levels equally use the app.

Endless Movie Library

PikaShow owns the largest movie library of all the streaming platforms. The app uses techniques of outsourcing libraries too. Therefore, there is nothing that you will miss on PikaShow. Whatever you search on the app will be found without doubt.

The PikaShow movie library contains items of all the genres including comedy, romance, drama, horror, fantasy, documentary, crime, history, adventure, thrillers, etc. The movies are found in the Movies tab. There they are listed under the types of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Korean, Trending, Recommended, New, etc.

Endless TV Show Library

Search any TV Show released so far and PikaShow will allow you to watch it. The app has the largest TV Show library. It has its ways of not missing anything. The shows of any genre are available in PikaShow.

When you go to the TV Show tab, you will find lists of Hollywood, Korean, Japanese, Trending, New, Recommendations, etc. Then you can either scroll down to find your choice or type a keyword and search the libraries at once. 

Live TV

PikaShow allows you to watch international TV and News broadcasting. The TV channels can be selected from a section of the home screen itself. You may open a channel and watch sports, TV programs, News, dramas or anything you would like. It is not only live TV. You can also watch the saved programs by selecting the time. This is an exclusive feature in PikaShow. Its users have access to international broadcasting this way.

User Accounts

You can create your own user account in PikaShow. In fact, you can use multiple user accounts in the app. Either way, you are safe and your data is well protected by the privacy policies of the app. You may give a username, email address and a password and create the account with just a few steps. All the notifications related to the app will be sent to your email. User accounts are highly customizable. You can add a profile picture and name your preferences to the app.

Streaming Quality

You can select the resolution quality of what you watch from the PikaShow media player. This option can be found in the settings of the media player. There you can select from a range of qualities starting from SD quality to highest HD quality.


PikaShow users can download movies and TV Show episodes directly from the app. The Download button is the one right next to the button in each video. Simply tap on it and you will find the movie or the episode downloading to your device. Later, when you have time to watch, you may access the downloaded file from the “Downloads” folder in your device. You can watch this without your internet connection. Thus, PikaShow allows its users to stream offline as well.

Favorites List

While scrolling down the app or searching for other content, you may find interesting other items for sure. If you miss them at the time, you will not remember how to look for them again. As a solution for this, PikaShow offers the chance to save the videos that you would like to watch later. You can add them to your favorite list and get back to them when you are free.

Multi sources

PikaShow outsources its content from other popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Ulu, YouTube, etc. This means that those platforms can be accessed through PikaShow. This is another technique that it uses to own all the content.


PikaShow is preferred over the other streaming apps because of this special feature. You will not be disturbed by pop up commercials or sponsor content while you stream online with PikaShow. This is a really troubling experience even in very famous apps. However, PikaShow has become the app that can offer you the smoothest streaming experience.

Audio Languages

You can watch international movies and TV shows in your own language in PikaShow. This is possible because there are many audio tracks for the same video in the app. You can select the language and listen to the movie. This will save you from reading the subtitles. Also you can enjoy the movie more since it is well understood. There may even be more than one track from the same language.


PikaShow contains another library of subtitles for the content it hosts. If you open one movie or TV show, you can see all the subtitles available for it. They may be of different languages or of the same language but different versions. So select your subtitle with care so that it flows with your video correctly.


The app allows the users to cast the screen on a larger screen. This is called chromecasting. This way it is more fun and you can enjoy the movie with your family or friends freely. You can adjust and control the functions from your original device if necessary. Options like quality, brightness and sounds are highly customizable.


PikaShow was first released for Android and iOS. But by now, there are ways for you to use the app on PCs, Smart TVs and even FireSticks. Of course you may need an emulator or another supporting app to provide the original environments for it. This way, PikaShow is available to almost all the devices now. But if you want to check for its original compatibility, search on its official website for advice.

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