Google’s Pixel Buds Pro Still Cant Beat Apple Beats

Today, some of the world’s major phone companies have released some of their latest earbuds. Among them, the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro produced by Google is making a big revolution in the market.

According to most users, the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro has attracted many of the latest technical features. Its latest sound quality and long battery life have made many people buy the Google Pixel Earbuds Pro.

One of the most valuable features of the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro is that it works well with the latest Google and Android updates. Also, Google Pixel Earbud Pro’s noise filtering technology provides the user with a high-quality musical experience free of noise. For this reason, the user’s comfort using the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro is enhanced.

google pixel ear buds pro

Google Pixel Ear Buds Vs Apples Ear Buds

The other main competitor of the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro produced by Google is the Apple Ear Buds made by Apple. Regarding market analysis and customer preference, Apple Ear Buds produced by Apple have higher demand than Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro created by Google.

The main reason for this is the demand for Apple phones in the market. Most customers who buy Apple phones buy Apple EarBuds, an essential accessory for Apple phones. Earbuds manufactured by other phone companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi are also in great demand in the market.

Looking at the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro manufactured by Google, the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro has a good shape that attracts the customer’s attention. This latest shape enables the user to enjoy music for a long time without discomfort. And this shape also helps to keep it in the user’s ear easily. Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro is available in the market in white and black color.

Technological Improvements

Google has made some technological improvements in the Google Pixel Earbuds Pro compared to the previously manufactured Google Pixel Earbuds. Among them, touch-sensitive and voice assist facilities that can be controlled by voice are mainly necessary. These features allow the user to control the Pixel earbuds without touching the phone. These technologies work well with the Android operating system and bring great convenience to the user.

The Pixel Ear Bud Pro, released by Google for the first time in 2020, is currently sold for US$199. The other feature of the Pixel Ear Bud Pro is that it has a unique processor that helps to enhance the excellent taste of the user. This processor, which works by unique algorithms, helps increase the sound quality and handle the earbuds without touching the phone. Due to this processor, it is possible to easily give necessary commands with Google Voice and control the phone remotely.

Battery Life

The built-in battery of the Pixel Earbuds Pro only lasts for 30 hours on a single charge. This makes it possible to enjoy music for a long time. This long battery life is a great convenience for people who travel long distances, hikers, and other demanding people. But some people say there is some decrease in battery capacity during repeated battery charging. However, looking at the earbuds available in other markets, the Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro produced by Google has a good battery capacity. A USB Type-C cable is used to charge this battery.


Google Pixel Ear Bud Pro is very popular in countries like Europe and America, but it is still expanding in countries like Africa and Asia. The main reason is that the Google brand is new compared to other phone brands. The price of goods manufactured by the Google brand is slightly higher. As the income of people in Asia and Europe is lower, they lose the ability to buy such products. Due to this, they tend to buy cheaper products from other brands. Most Chinese companies use these African and Asian regions as their markets. Pixel Ear Buds Pro sales have decreased because many others are keen to buy competitive earbuds from Apple and Samsung.


The Pixel Ear Bud Pro microphone can clearly give voice commands, so it is easy to operate. Pixel Ear Bud Pro is powered by Bluetooth 5.0, which helps it to work very fast. The phone software used in the Pixel Ear Bud Pro is straightforward and quick software. It can be downloaded by going to the Android Playstore, and no additional payment will be made. Google provides monthly updates to this software.


The Pixel Ear Bud Pro has a simple look. This software provides information such as battery capacity, hours of use, hours of use after charging, the time required to assess, etc., from the battery details section of the earbuds, thus providing convenience to the user. The sound mode section here includes information such as suitable type and volume. Pixel Ear Bud Pro provides updates from other software parts, such as Human Comfort.

Sound Quality

The sound quality and sound quality of the Pixel Ear Bud Pro are excellent. It is designed to suit all types of music styles. The Pixel Ear Bud Pro has a range of music that spans from the low to the high. Due to this musical quality, the user can listen to music for a long time without discomfort.

Most people today are used to listening to music while relaxing, playing games, and doing other activities. This Pixel Ear Bud Pro can be called the best solution for this. Pixel Ear Bud Pro is known worldwide for its wireless, long battery life, and high sound quality.

Finally, when reviewing the Pixel Ear Bud Pro device, the quality is somewhat lacking compared to the Apple Ear Buds. The device is drop resistant. But even though the manufacturing company says it will not be damaged by water, there is a possibility of some damage. And according to the manufacturing company, you will be able to use this Pixel Ear Bud Pro device for a long time.

Earbuds are sold in the market at different prices, but the quality of these varies according to the price. High-priced devices have high quality, and low-priced devices have low quality. But the Pixel Ear Bud Pro device can be called a value-for-money device

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